Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hometown Inspiration

So me and my creatively cashed out brain are spending the week back in good ole' Antioch. Hanging with the rents' and friends...boozing and basking...I always find a new inspiration from being around the environment that made me who I am. Stepping out of my totally crazy life in Des Moines, I can't think of a better place to gather myself! I'll be ready to sew, show, set, GO! when I get back...but for now... I totally love the non-agenda, nowhere to be life. See you all in a week!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stolen Earrings!!

While inventorying my earrings at Vitae today...I have discovered that a pair of earrings has been stolen. This is wildly disappointing to me. I'm a local designer, just trying to make it by. When you steal from us, it's like stealing from yourself. I put time, money, and even more importantly, my creative ideas into each piece I make...and they are all one-of-a-kind. We are supporting our local economy and are courageously pushing for Des Moines arts scene expansion...
but it is a set-back when people blatantly sabotage what we stand for by being selfish. If anyone sees someone in these earrings....please please let me know. Thank you for your unending support, friends.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Remembering 2008...the good, the bad, and the ugly

Well, I made it out alive. With an incessant year of one whirlwind occurrence after another I can't help but look back in awe and wonderment. Whether it has been business or pleasure each moment has capitalized some sort of transformation of my character and lifestyle. I think I have successfully analyzed and shrink wrapped all of my experiences and placed them into three basic categories in my mind.

The good:
planning the very successful Fashion Midwest Runway Revue @ Liar's Club
opening Vitae Design Collective with Alyssa, Julie, Melissa and Sarah
my 24th birthday with my girls and family
drinking too many margaritas in Vegas with my Mom
skiing in Vail and brewery hopping in Fort Collins w/ Garrett and my sister
expanding rok:her:roots to Seattle, New York, and Iowa City
applying to Drake to finish my degree
getting my life back
my Dad's life and recovery
making some very special friends
cleaning out my closet (see ya skeletons!)
St. Vitus and the Taxi will all know VERY soon :)
discovering who I am on my own

The bad:
losing my job
getting ditched in Arizona
sitting on a curb for 3 hours after a one-night-stand
moving out of my beautiful house

The ugly:
hearing "I don't love you anymore"
depression and therapy
panic attacks and Lexipro
financial ridiculousness
my car getting towed
disappointing good friends
break-up fights
seeing my Dad have a heart-attack on Christmas Day

Sheesh. There it all is in black and white. Through it all I have learned that everyone has the power to choose their destiny. You can opt to only see the negative or realize that with every downfall, every disappointment, and every grief is a life lesson waiting to be exposed. These obstacles are merely opportunities. Simply chances to renew yourself and your priorities. Don't let life eat you alive...take in the poison and spit out sunshine :)

Happy New Year, Friends!